North Beach 

Perth, Western Australia

  • Friendly and Welcoming
  • Joyful, relaxing and yet energising
  • No experience or partner necessary
A great way to exercise and relax with others, while dancing to wonderful music from around the world.
Easy to pick up and a gentle pace, with every dance taught by experienced leaders Liz & Geoff.
Circle Dancing North Beach

Community Circle Dancing in North Beach 

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we have to limit our numbers.
If you would like to join us for the first time, then please contact us beforehand to check how we are going for space.
We will update this website when the situation changes
0409 207 903 or 9246 9406   or email: mail@circledancetogether.id.au

What is Circle Dance?

Since ancient times, people from traditional cultures have danced and very often danced in a circle, drawing together in community. European village folk dances, collected in the 1970s, form the basis of modern Circle Dance. Lively dances and beautiful tranquil dances from Greece and Israel, interesting rhythms from Eastern Europe and lovely Celtic music from France, Ireland, Wales & Scotland form some of our core repertoire.
Over recent years, Circle Dancing has been enriched by a great variety of music.  Dances have been choreographed to classical music and popular contemporary songs, ranging from Van Morrison & Neil Young to world music from the likes of Ravi Shankar & Angelique Kidjo. Inspiring music has also been composed specifically for Circle Dancing.   The repertoire is still growing!

From the early beginnings in the 1970’s, there are now around 300 regular Circle Dance groups in the UK and many others around the world.

With Canadian Teachers
In July 2016 we were fortunate to have two visiting Circle Dance teachers from Canada.  A fantastic night!

Visiting Circle Dance Teacher

WA Circle Dancers

at a workshop with visiting teachers from the UK-1998

Circle Dancing is perhaps the only form of dance that is done purely for the experience, not for performance.  Some dances are very simple and others a little more complex, but over the weeks they soon become familiar. Every dance is taught and there is no pressure on `getting it right’. Individual dancers sometimes adapt the steps to whatever is comfortable. 

 The dances can range from lively to calming and peaceful. One moment we might be doing an exuberant progressive dance and then the next moment, a gentle dance that feels more like a moving meditation.

 This all makes for a rich and diverse experience.  A session of Circle Dancing can be a great
`pick-me-up’ and mood changer!

Circle Dancing at Albany Summer School - 2009

Circle Dancing at Albany Summer School - 2009

North Beach Group

Liz & Geoff have been teaching Circle Dance for many years.  Liz fell in love with Circle Dance back in the mid 1980s while living in England  and Geoff’s first experience was in Perth in 1990. It gives them both a lot of joy to be sharing their passion for Circle Dance with others.

 In 2011 Liz and Geoff established a new group in North Beach.  This is now a strong and vibrant group with a wonderful sense of friendship and mutual support.  Regular dancers have expressed their feelings in the following words:

“We are delighted to have met our circle dance friends. We enjoy every night we come – no stress, lots of fun and friendship.”    Theresa & Ray

“Thank you for the wonderful evenings of dancing which are much more than dancing!  Thank you for your friendship and caring spirit.”    Kathy

 “Our Circle Dance community is truly special.  Friendly, safe, fun.”    Sharon
North Beach Circle Dancers enjoying a Friday evening - 2013

North Beach Circle Dancers enjoying a Friday evening - 2013

Come and find us - First session is free

 If you’ve ever done Ballroom, Line Dancing, Folk or Square Dancing, you’ll find some step patterns very familiar. But even if you haven’t, no worries, we’ll teach you at a gentle pace from scratch. A waltz, a grapevine, a walk or two and some sways….and hey, you’ve got a whole swag of dances to wonderful music from around the world. A great experience whether you come on your own, with a friend or with your partner.

We meet most Wednesdays  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm with a tea break

 At the Anglican Church Hall, cnr James and George Streets, North Beach

 Cost is $7.00

Newcomers are always welcome

 Contact us beforehand to confirm current details

Ph (08) 9246 9406      email: mail@circledancetogether.id.au

Other Groups

Circle Dance groups are autonomous and are run by individual teachers or group members.  Every group has its own flavour, with teachers bringing their unique style and choice of dances.
In Western Australia there are a number of other groups:

Shenton Park 6180 8033     michelep@iinet.net.au
Kalamunda Linda 9257 3279  or 0448 779 891 redfoxyladies@iinet.net.au
Hazelmere 0457 347 881  gillian.mannell02@yahoo.com
Balingup 9764 1557
 Your EventKaren can help with your Celebrations, Festivals and Seasonal Events etc.
0400 957 814  moonfirestudio@westnet.com.au
Or contact:
Liz and Geoff: 0409 207 903 or (08) 9246 9406
email: mail@circledancetogether.id.au

There are groups in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand as well as many other parts of the world.  Circle dancers travelling interstate or overseas often make contact and dance with local groups, connecting with the world-wide Circle Dance community.

Useful links

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